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Hidden gems: The best Netflix originals you might have missed Show all Part satire of true crime documentaries such as Making a Murderer, part carefully observed portrayal of teenage life, American Vandal was criminally underappreciated during its two season run. In stark contrast to the off-beat, low-key comedy that currently rules TV — the kind that provokes a wry smirk rather than a hearty laugh — One Day at a Time is a big, bright sitcom filmed in front of an interminably enthusiastic studio audience.

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Crude, rude, and rife with surprise emissions and bodily functions, animated sitcom Big Mouth is also a sensitive, nuanced deep dive into the various horrors of teenagehood. Over the course of an hour, he processes his grief onstage, managing to find humour in the struggle to raise his grieving six-year-old daughter alone. Granted, this horror-comedy — which stars Drew Barrymore as a neurotic real estate agent who suddenly develops a taste for human flesh — is really silly, and really, really disgusting.

This sci-fi thriller — which features disappearing children, a mysterious local power plant, and scenes set in the Eighties — has, for obvious reasons, drawn comparisons to Stranger Things.

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But Dark is even more beguiling and true to its name less family-friendly than Stranger Things. This coming-of-age series might not have found as many eyeballs as it deserved last year, but those it did find were glued to the screen. In fact, it was the most-binged show of — meaning that it had the highest watch-time-per-viewing session of any Netflix original. Two beleaguered assistants Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell conspire to get their over-demanding bosses Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu together in order to get their lives back in this winning romantic comedy.

Martin Freeman stars as the father struggling to protect his young daughter from a zombie epidemic spreading across Australia. So far, so overdone. But this drama thriller, directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke and based on their short of the same name, throws a handful of unpredictable spanners in the works.

Like a cross between The Hunger Games and CW series The , this Brazilian dystopian thriller, set in an unspecified future, revolves largely around an impoverished community known as the Inland. It is an intriguing and addictive commentary on class and privilege. With shades of John Ford's The Searchers, this languorous western was critically acclaimed but swiftly forgotten after it landed on Netflix in This coming-of-age series about a teenage boy with autism was sweet and well-intentioned from the start, but its first season was criticised for a handful of inaccuracies, and for its lack of autistic actors.

Rather than drowning in a sea of defensiveness — as too many shows tend to do — it listened, and brought in autistic actors and writers for its excellent second season. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists. Update newsletter preferences. Comments Share your thoughts and debate the big issues. Join the discussion. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. Create a commenting name to join the debate Submit.

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Loading comments Please try again, the name must be unique. He is a former staffer with Hot Press magazine in Ireland and has written for bad television programmes, reasonably good radio programmes, the Irish Sunday Independent, Men's Health and several other publications he can't remember off the top of his head.

Published: 23 Sep The Fiver The possibility of a petulant diva strop is always on the cards. Watford give us 11, reasons to believe bogey teams do exist. Published: 20 Sep An armchair guide to the Rugby World Cup in Japan. Ten things to look out for this weekend Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend.

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  • Watch the first trailer for Martin Scorsese's The Irishman!.
  • Published: 19 Sep In addition, The Irishman has been created quite differently to Scorsese's previous films. While the average movie would have around 50 scenes, The Irishman has almost Scorsese is famous for his painstaking approach to film-making: he meticulously storyboards each scene in advance, and plans every single shot. But this careful approach - used to great effect in Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and that celebrated tracking shot through a nightclub in Goodfellas - has been cast aside for The Irishman.

    As he explained at Cannes this year, this time he was winging it, "working out the angles" as he worked while on location in New York. Filming reportedly dragged on for days, making it Scorsese's longest shoot to date. All of which makes it one of the most eagerly anticipated films of Netflix are certainly hoping so. According to industry sources, they agreed to Scorsese's demand that The Irishman be given a cinema release before it's streamed: up to now, it has been standard practice for Netflix-produced movies to bypass the cinemas altogether, or else release and stream on the same day.

    They've apparently given Scorsese's film a two-week pre-streaming window, but it remains to be seen how many territories The Irishman will actually get a cinema release. There's a strong possibility, in fact, that the film will only get a pre-streaming release in China, due to the fact that a production company called STX retains distribution rights to The Irishman there, in a territory where Netflix do not currently operate. This would raise yet another irony in Scorsese's involvement with Netflix: back in , Chinese authorities banned his film Kundun, which was based on the writings of the Dalai Lama and was strongly critical of China's occupation of Tibet.

    Netflix, however, won't be too worried about all that, and may even be hoping that Scorsese will be the wooden horse that finally gets them accepted into the closed club that is the Cannes Film Festival. At this year's event, simmering tensions exploded when Cannes effectively banned Netflix films from competition because of their contemptuous attitude to theatrical release.

    Cannes might be prepared to lift the ban in exchange for the chance to premiere The Irishman, and that really would be a victory for Netflix. Frank Sheeran inset was born in on the outskirts of Philadelphia, and raised in a working-class Irish-American family.

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    • In his later conversations with lawyer and writer Charles Brandt, Sheeran claimed that his disregard for human life began in the war, when he took part in the summary execution of German prisoners. After the war he became a trucker, and entered the orbit of the Bufalino crime family, who recognised his flair for violence and paid him to kill enemies. He was also taken under the wing of Jimmy Hoffa, the corrupt and dissolute Teamsters union leader, who hired Frank as a trusted bodyguard.

      According to the confessions dictated to Brandt, Sheeran betrayed that trust by luring Hoffa to a house in suburban Detroit in , and killing him with two shots to the back of the head. According to Sheeran, he then cremated the body.