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This guide provides a framework of what to expect during your first days and months as a Wentworth-Douglass employee and suggestions on how to access resources and services that will be essential to your journey. Download a printable version of this checklist PDF. Click to Return.

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Patient Portal Log In As Find a Provider Provider Search. Physician Verification Lookup. Board Certification. Back Search WDH. The success of performance appraisal depends on firstly how effectively it is implemented that can affect the performance of the employees and secondly how that performance in turn contribute to the success of the organization.

It has been argued that performance management should be an ongoing, interactive process that is designed to enhance employee capability and facilitate productivity instead of the usual perception of doing it once a year. Most organizations throughout the world regardless of whether they are large or small, public or private, service or manufacturing, use performance appraisal as a tool to achieve a variety of human resource management objectives such as for legal documentation, feedback about performance, employee development, corporate planning, salary administration, and more Longenecker, According to Carroll and Schneier in which they developed the theme that performance appraisal and review comprised a management system that consist of performance identification, goal setting, evaluation, feedback, and performance improvement and that the performance rating process is itself a system consisting of complex activities, roles, and responsibilities of raters and ratees.

Ideally, the performance appraisal provides information to help managers manage in such a way that employee performance improves. Thus, performance appraisal is a systematic and objective way of judging the relative worth or ability of an employee in performing his job. It emphasizes on two aspects: systematic and objective.

The appraisal is systematic when it evaluates all performances in the same manner, utilizing the same approaches so that appraisal of different persons is comparable. Such as appraisal is taken periodically according to plan; it is not left to chance. Thus, both raters and ratees know the system of performance appraisal and its timing. Appraisal has objectivity also.

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Its essential feature is that it attempts at accurate measurement by trying to eliminate human biases and prejudices. Too often, performance appraisal is seen merely as a once-a-year drill mandated by the personnel department. But in organizations that take performance appraisal seriously and use the system well, it is used as an ongoing process and not merely as an annual event.

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With legal and economic pressures growing, organizations increasingly are turning their attention toward the measurement and upgrading of individual performance. In addition to that, performance appraisal is considered as important as managing financial resources and program outcomes because employee performance or the lack thereof, has a profound effect on both the financial and program components of any organization.

Despite that there are some commonly use method but then there is no overall dominant of one method over the other. Performance appraisal began only as a simple method of income justification. The process was firmly linked to the material outcome an employee will enjoy for good performance.

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This process did not give any consideration to the developmental possibilities of the employee. A pay cut was the only impetus for an employee to either improve or continue to perform well. In many instances, this basic system of performance appraisal failed to achieve the intended results. Modern Performance appraisal is a structured formal interaction or a periodic interview between the two subsequent levels, superior interviewer and subordinate interviewee , that usually takes the form of a periodic interview.

The extensive conversation deals with the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis of the employee based on the annual or semi-annual performance. Below checklist provides a generic framework for undertaking a project and offers a synthesis of current practice, incorporating elements from various approaches to project management. It outlines the major steps in the life cycle of a project and gives practical advice on the process of initiating, scheduling, executing and evaluating a project.

Define the objectives 2.

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Appoint the project manager 3. Establish the terms of reference 4. Select and develop the project team 5.

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Determine the activities needed to create the component elements of the project 6. Plan for quality 7. Plan costs 8. Set the project schedule 9. Monitor and report progress to stakeholders Deliver the output Evaluate the project. To learn more about project management and detailed description of the action checklist, view the guide below:.