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A Comprehensive Framework of Computational Intelligence

List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. Items related to Merging Features: Computation, Interpretation, and Stock Image. Published by Oxford University Press, Book. New Condition: New Hardcover. Save for Later. About this title Synopsis: This book presents new work on how Merge and formal features, two basic factors in the Minimalist Program, should determine the syntactic computation of natural language.

More Information. Shipping Terms: Orders usually ship within 2 business days. Add to Wants. The challenge is to secure the right financing mix with the least cost of capital. The sub-prime lending crisis in the past and prolonged sluggishness in the global economy in the past couple of years has led to significant alterations in our financial system and the way people perceive risk. There are various modes of financing acquisitions. The target company can be paid cash or shares can be exchanged in consideration. While there are also many forms which entail the use of debt, equity and other blended financing techniques to finance an acquisition.

The goal of acquisition finance is on structuring the most optimal financing solution for a company. Before we proceed to understand the optimal financing structure for the acquisition, let us take a look at certain pre-requisites for its formulation.

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There are many ways in which you can finance the acquisition. Popular methodologies are listed below.

Please note in large acquisitions, financing the acquisition can be a combination of two or more methods. In an all-cash deal, the transaction is simple.

Merging Features: Computation, Interpretation, and Acquisition - Oxford Scholarship

Shares are exchanged for cash. This kind of transaction mostly takes place when the acquiring company is much larger than the target company and it has substantial cash reserves. But after a decade, the trend totally reversed. This shift was quite a tectonic one as it altered the roles of the parties concerned. In a cash deal, the roles of the two parties were clearly defined, and the barter of money for shares depicted a simple transfer of ownership. The main tenet of all cash transaction was that once the acquire pays cash to seller it automatically acquirers all risks of the company.

Difference between Merger and Acquisition

However, in share exchange, the risks are shared in the proportion of ownership in the new and combined entity. For private companies, it is a sensible option when the owner of the Target would like to retain some stake in the combined entity.

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If the owner of Target Company is involved in the active management of operations and the success of the company depends on his or her proficiency, then stock swap is a valuable tool. Appropriate valuation of stock is of utmost importance in case of stock swap for private companies.

Experienced merchant bankers follow certain methodologies to value the stocks such as:. One of the most preferred way of financing the acquisitions is debt financing. Usually, the bank while disbursing funds for acquisition scrutinizes the projected cash flow of the target company, their liabilities, and their profit margins.

Thus as a pre-requisite, the financial health of both the companies, the Target as well as the acquirer is thoroughly analyzed.

Language Design - Noam Chomsky / Serious Science

Another method of financing is the Asset-backed financing where banks lend finance based on the collaterals of the target company on offer. These collaterals refer to fixed assets, inventory, intellectual property and receivables. Debt is one of the most sought after forms of financing acquisitions due to lower cost of capital than equity. Plus it also offers tax advantages. These debt are mostly Senior debt or Revolver debt, comes with a low interest rate and the quantum is more regulated.

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There is also subordinated debt, where lenders are aggressive in the amount of loan disbursed but they do charge a higher rate of interest. Sometimes there is also an equity component involved.

Mergers and Acquisitions: A Complete Guide

Mezzanine financing is an amalgamated form of capital with characteristics of both debt and equity. It is similar to subordinate debt in nature but comes with an option of conversion to equity. Target companies with strong balance sheet and consistent profitability are best suited for mezzanine financing. These companies do not have a strong asset base but boast of consistent cash flows though. This is slightly higher than the subordinate debt.

The appeal of Mezzanine financing lies in its flexibility. It is a long-term capital that has the potential to spur corporate growth and value creation.

Merging Features: Computation, Interpretation, and Acquisition

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