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Despite continuing complaints by scientists, astrology is still, as of , taught at various universities in India,and there is a movement in progress to establish a national Vedic University to teach astrology together with the study of tantra , mantra , and yoga. There are sixteen Varga Sanskrit : varga , 'part, division' , or divisional, charts used in Hindu astrology:. Around BC many extant texts were written by sages such Agastya and Bhrigu. Each sign was divided in three more strata called "charna" similar to decanates of Western astrology.

This difference becomes noticeable over time. After two millennia , as a result of the precession of the equinoxes , the origin of the ecliptic longitude has shifted by about 22 degrees. The missing 28th nakshatra is Abhijeeta. Remedial measures are in general the high-water mark of all realistic predictive astrology work and go a long way in mitigating Karma. There are several dasha systems, each with its own utility and area of application.

Further proportional sub-divisions can be made but error margin based on accuracy of the birth-time grows exponentially.

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Nine grahas Navagrahas are used. Even otherwise, Grahas are always busy capturing us in some way or other, for better or for worse.

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The natal chart shows the position of the grahas at the moment of birth. Since that moment, the grahas have continued to move around the zodiac, interacting with the natal chart grahas.


This period of interaction is called Gochara Sanskrit : gochara , 'transit'. Yoga Sanskrit : yoga , 'union' is a combination of planets placed in a specific relationship to each other. It is usually advisable to study the underlying theme behind the Yogas rather than attempt to memorize them. Grahas cast only forward aspects, with the furthest aspect being considered the strongest. For example, Mars aspects the 4th, 7th, and 8th houses from its position, and its 8th house aspect is considered more powerful than its 7th aspect, which is in turn more powerful than its 4th aspect.

Hindu Predictive Astrology of B V Raman

The principle of Dristi aspect was devised on the basis of the aspect of an army of planets as deity and demon in a war field. Thus the Sun, a Deity King with only one full aspect, is more powerful than the Demon King Saturn, which has three full aspects. Planetary aspects are a function of desire, while sign aspects are a function of awareness and cognizance.

It is clear that the subject of Hindu astrology requires not only an understanding of the motion of the planets and moon, but also a deep understanding of the Hindu religion and its history. We hope that this page gives an insight into the workings of this astrological system as an alternative to the western system. Flash animations copyright : Hayling Graphics. Click for Desktop Version. How many? Longest Day? Solar System Map Gravitation!

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New Videos Astrological Positions Solar System Planets Pluto and its moons LIVE. Solar System Maps. Hindu Astrological View of the Planets Today - Right Now This page brings you face to face with the heavens as they are today, now, this moment! Desktop and Mobile versions There are two versions of this site that yo can access with the desktop or mobile button - located above and to the right. Ayurdaya or Longevity 71 5.

A person lives upto 46 if the birth lord is in 6or 8 with malefics unaspected by bcnefics.

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  • Death occurs in the 31st year if Saturn is in birth, the Moon in 8 or 12 and other planets in the 1 Ith. The person dies in his 57th year if Scorpio is Ligna with Jupiter in it and Mars and Rahu in the 8tb. Lord of the 8th in the 7th and the Moon afflicted, takes the life in the 38th year. If Mars and Mercury are in quadrants, Venus in the ascendant and exalted planets occupy 3 and II, 60 years of life is guaranteed.

    A person lives upto 70 years if good planets occupy quadrants, do not aspect the birth and the lord of the birth has the aspect of evil planets. Mars in the 3th, the Sun in the 7th aod Saturn debilitated make the person live upto Benefics in kendras quadrants and Trikonas trines with Saturn powerful, confer 73 years of life. Combinations for Pnrnayo or Fall Life : 75 to Yean 1.

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    If Lagna is aspected by its own lord, the 8th house by its lord and Jupiter is in a kendra, the person gets Purnayu. If the first 6 houses are occupied by a l the bentfics and the last six by all the malefics, 80 years of life will be granted. A person lives Tor years if Jnpiter is in a quadrant from the lord of the birth with no malefica in the quadrants.

    Long life will be given if Cancer is birth with Jupiter there and when one or more planets are exalted.

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    • If the birth lord and the Sun are in the 10th, Saturn in the birth and Jupiter in the 4th house, a person lives long. Jupiter in the Lagna, Venus in the 4th and Saturn and the Moon in the 10th make a person live for a long time. After ascertaining to which class a particular horoscope belongs, the marakas or the death-inflicting planets must be determined and the death predicted under the Dasas of such planets. Death generally occurs during the periods and sub- periods of such planets. Suppose a horoscope indicates middle life or Madhyayu whereas the Dasa of a most powerful maraka comes into operation after 80 years.

      In such a circumstance the period of a planet, no matter even if it is less malicious in causing death which comes within the maximum number of years allotted for Madhyayu, must be considered as bringing about death, in preference to the most malicious one.

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      Ascertain beforehand, whether a horoscope indicates short, middle or long life; determine the maraka planets and the times when their influences will come to fruition. The 8th house from Lagna ascendant and the 8th from that, i. The 7th house and the 2nd bouse are called houses of death. The 2nd house is always stronger in inflicting death than the 7th.

      Planets who occupy the 2nd are stronger than the planets who own it, in tending to cause death and the planets who are in association with the lord of the 2nd are the most powerful in causing death. Thus the lords of the 2nd and the 7th, their occupants and the planets who are in conjunction wjtb them are the maraka planets. If marakas cannot be found out of these three, then the planet in conjunction with the lord of the 12th, 74 Hindu Predictive Astrology even if it is a benefic, causes death in his Dasa period , in the Bhtikti sub-period of a papa malefic if he is the lord of the 3rd or 8th house.

      If the Dasa of Vyayadhipathi lord of the 12th does not come, then one most powerful among the lords of the 3rd, 6th and 8th becomes maraka. If the Sun and Sukra Venus or lords of the 2nd and 7th get Kendradhipatya lordship of quadrant —they are sure to become marakas. Planets who occupy the 2nd and 7th houses. Planets who are lords of the 2nd and 7th houses. If the periods of the planets occupying or owning death houses do not come in time, then death may occur in the Dasa of planets who are not Yogakarakas but who become evil and conjoin lords of the bouses of death.

      Predictive Astrology - The secret to make accurate predictions (English)

      Lords of the 3rd and the 8th are also probable causers of death if death does not occur in the Dasas, etc. If the Dasa of a death-ioflicting planet does not at all come into operation, then the most malicious planets in the horoscope will cause death. Saturn, inclined to produce evil by his conjunction with the lords of death houses, will cause death in preference to any of those planets.

      There are many rules to ascertain the probable time of death knowing beforehand Maraka Dasas. Any detailed information in regard to this would increase the bulk of the book beyond reasonable prbportioh. This gives us a point in the zodiac after expungiog multiples of In the case of short, middle and long life, death occurs when Saturn transits over this point, in his first, second and third cycles respectively. CHAPTER XVI Judgment of a Horoscope The notable triumphs in Hindu astrology so far as the predictive portion is concerned are entirely due to the great scrutiny the planetary influences are subjected to in the analysis of a horoscope and the relative values of the good and evil sources of strength of different planets and bhavas.

      V Good and evil planets become more and more powerful as they are lords of the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses; 5th and.. The lords of the 2nd and the 12tb remain neutral. Jupiter and Venus owning quadrants become very inauspicious. Mercury as the lord of a quadrant is less malicious than Jupiter and Venus and the Moon, less than Mercury.