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There are some situations that will never get better. It could be a grief that will never lift, or a person or memory that will always be a source of pain.

Forget feelings: Why the pursuit of happiness is overrated

After 30 years of practising psychiatry, Dr. But by acknowledging these sources of long-term pain and grief and accepting that they are going to be a part of our lives, they becomes easier to deal with, he says.

And we can take pride from realizing that we are doing the best we can with what we have to bear. Bennett says.

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  • Happiness is Overrated.

And the more we try to change them in the pursuit for happiness, ironically, the unhappier we will become. But setting realistic self-improvement goals can, says Dr. The Bennetts advise that instead of promising to control all your negativity, promise to not let it control you.

Happiness Is Overrated

Set such goals as: I will act decently in spite of the way I really feel. I will learn my triggers for bad behaviours and find ways to avoid them.

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Forget feelings: Why the pursuit of happiness is overrated The key to happiness is positive thinking, we're often told. Related Stories Ontario company hires 'happiness engineers' for employees.

Happiness Is Overrated | Lovers and Liars

Report Error. News Update: Latest breaking news headlines. What to budget for groceries and how to bring the supermarket bill down. We don't know about you, but working hard towards anything is a bummer at times. It can feel that you are pushing a boulder up an icy incline.

No one said that we can buy happiness in a bottle. However, in a society that likes everything to be accessed quickly from fast food to social media--we want things now.

Happiness is Overrated

Let's get real--finding complete happiness will not happen this way. You need to work on yourself since controlling external stimuli is not palatable.

Beloved readers, Many of you have asked me about the Happiness as projected by the media, simply can't be trusted. There is someone that can be trusted and that is you. Most of us don't want it for a moment, we want this for a lifetime.