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A lively astronomy primer that uses cataclysmic scenarios to explain the universe? According to astronomer Philip Plait, the universe is an apocalypse waiting to happen But how much do we really need to fear from things like black holes, gamma-ray bursts, and supernovae? And if we should be scared, is there anything we can do to save ourselves? With humor and wit, Plait details the myriad doomsday events that the cosmos could send our way to destroy our planet and life as we know it. This authoritative yet accessible study is the ultimate astronomy lesson.


Combining fascinating? Each chapter explores a different phenomenon, explaining it in easy-to-understand terms, and considering how life on earth and the planet itself would be affected should the event come to pass.

Venus: Death of a Planet

Rather than sensationalizing the information, Plait analyzes the probability of these catastrophes occurring in our lifetimes and what we can do to stop them. With its entertaining tone and enlightening explanation of unfathomable concepts, Death from the Skies! Phil Plait, Ph. He has written astronomy articles for magazines such as Astronomy, Muse, and Space Illustrated, and has been published in the Boston Globe. Plait has… More about Philip Plait, Ph. Yet for all that, his book is strangely comforting. Seller Inventory BTE Book Description Penguin Books. Items related to Death from the Skies!

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Philip Plait Ph. Death from the Skies! Publisher: Penguin Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title With wit, humor, and an infectious love of astronomy that could win over even the science-phobic, this fun and fascinating book reminds us that outer space is anything but remote. About the Author : Phil Plait, Ph. From Publishers Weekly : Plait, an astronomer and author of the popular Web site badastronomy. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.

Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Penguin Books New Paperback Quantity Available: Seller Rating:. New Softcover Quantity Available: March 19, - Published on Amazon. One of the best books I have found on how the world - or at least the human race - might come to an end due to extraterrestrial causes. Plait doesn't give much space to the most likely hazards, asteroid or comet impacts, which have been thoroughly covered by other writers, and which he believes we can protect ourselves against with foreseeable technology.

Ten Ways the World Will End

He gives more space to some things which theoretically could happen, but almost certainly won't, such as supernovas. They aren't a significant danger, because only certain types of stars can become supernovas, and none of those are close enough to do us any harm.

He describes solar flares, which could wreck our electronics and cause untold misery, but wouldn't kill us off. About half of the book deals with how the world most certainly will end - billions of years from now. I found that very interesting, but for some reason it didn't keep me awake at night.

Death from the Skies!: These Are the Ways the World Will End by Philip Plait

He gives lengthy explanations of the science behind the possible events he describes, which I found fascinating but might bore some people who just want an overview. May 4, - Published on Amazon. After reading and enjoying Plait's previous book "Bad Astronomy" I was naturally encouraged to give his next book a try. The book details the many ways that civilization, humanity, all life, and indeed the very planet itself could be destroyed by astronomical events from asteroid or comet impacts to the end of the universe itself. Each chapter is introduced by a short fictional vignette which brings catastrophe down to a personal level.

As interesting as the premise was the real value of the book turned out to be the education provided. My personal astronomical knowledge had become quite dated over the past few decades. Plait's book was a great way to be brought up to date and left me seeking out more detailed works. Plait's style of writing probably won't be to every taste but I found it engaging and inviting. The clever footnotes dealt out humor, irony, sarcasm, and much else in rapid succession. The Kindle edition was well formatted and everything worked well.

A curious feature was that the captions to the illustrations were rendered as text instead of being part of the graphic which made them searchable. The major flaw was the entirely useless "index" with page numbers completely omitted even though this edition tracked the print page numbers.

Indices are somewhat redundant with searchable text but if included they should be useable. The appendix of nearby supernova candidates in graphic format is also too small for easy reading. The epilogue has a table in it which can best be read by reducing font size.


Highly recommended. I look forward to Plait's future books.

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  6. January 16, - Published on Amazon. Astronomer Dr. Philip Plait, using the latest in astronomical knowledge, takes us on exciting journey through our universe and enlightens us on the various cosmological hazards that are present. This page book is composed of the following nine chapters: 1. Target Earth: Asteroid and Comet Impacts, 2.

    Sunburn, 3. The Stellar Fury of Supernovae, 4. Cosmic Blowtorches: Gamma-Ray Bursts, 5. The Bottomless Pits of Black Holes, 6. Alien Attack! The Death of the Sun, 8. Bright Lights, Big Galaxy, and 9.