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Stencil Girl: Mixed Media Art Techniques

She first mists a shallow pan and the sheet with water, then adds several drops of acrylic ink in analogous colors to the pan. Sheets can be cut into shapes or strips and sewn like fabric, and added to any mixed-media project. With some ink and stitching, dye-trapping laundry sheets become colorful embellishments. Art and photo by Rae Missigman. Have you ever thought of recycling your own artwork? Danielle Donaldson got the notion when she realized that she had a huge collection of art that included pieces made at retreats, half-finished projects, and work that was sitting in a storage bin.

She then machine sews the strips together, using a variety of stitches, until she has a piece large enough to cover a birch panel. Danielle cuts the piece to size and adheres it with Mod Podge. The result: brand new artwork to fall in love with.

Repurpose your own artwork into new art by piecing and stitching it together. Art by Danielle Donaldson.

Mandy Russell has another fun recycled art idea, and this one starts with vintage envelopes, used or unused. The text, postage stamps, and graphics on the envelopes, she discovered, are all great foundations for doodling. She drew pebbles, or small circles nested together, on the border of an Air Mail envelope, then drew fanciful flowers and plants growing out of them. She shaded the design and continued to add to it.

On other envelopes, a business logo and return address became doodle anchors. Vintage envelopes can become canvases for doodle art. Assemblage is a fantastic way to incorporate recycled pieces. Art and photo by Jen Hardwick. For an artist, old or discarded books are a treasure trove of recyclables: pages, covers, and even a worn spine can be used for art. Slide a cutting mat under about 5 pages and, with a craft knife, cut swirls, stars, leaf shapes, or other continuous designs into the pages; you can incorporate folded pages as well.

Make sure to leave the pages attached to the book. When all pages have been cut, allow them to cascade out, arranging the pieces as you want.

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